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We use products that are Vegan (no animal testing or animal products), free of DBP, Toluene, Formaldehyde and Formaldehyde Resin.  We will nurture and massage your skin and nails to their optimum condition allowing you to maintain well kept, graceful hands and feet effortlessly.

Gel Manicures

Your nails look beautiful and feel natural but they're durable and will maintain their high gloss for weeks after your treatment.  No smudging, no chipping, no peeling and no drying time.

Acrylic Nail Removal

Do you want to get back to your own natural nails?  Soak off acrylic nails without doing your nail any further harm before your manicure enhanced with products to nourish your nails encouraging their growth back to health.


Our Medi-Pedi incorporates products to combat bacteria and fungus.   Expert cutting back of ingrown toenails.  Keep your feet in their natural healthy form.

  Price Time (min)
Regular manicure 60 60
French Polish Add-on 15 15
Polish change 30 30
Acrylic Removal 30 60
Gel Removal 30 20
Medi-Pedi 60 90
Manicure & Pedicure 95 120
Gel manicure 70 90
Gel manicure and pedicure 100 135
Gel manicure with regular pedicure 95 90
Regular manicure with Gel pedicure 95 90


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