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Pain Management

From minor aches and pains, to MVA, fibromyalgia and every kind of pain you can think of, there are treatment options available.


Prolotherapy is used when the ligaments or tendons of a joint have been compromised, injured, or lax. Prolotherapy injections use a non-toxic solution (Dextrose 5% or combination of homeopathics and pharmaceuticals) injected into the damaged tendon or ligament. Prolotherapy causes the tissue to tighten and can even stimulate growth factors in the area of injection. This aids in the healing of the tendon or ligament.

Prolotherapy has been around for over 50 years. Today, many professional athletes use prolotherapy to keep them going and healing injuries acquired from professional sports.


Prolotheraphy Pain Management | The Coliseum MediClinic
Pain Management Treatment at The Coliseum