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Stress Management

Stress, Burnout and Exhaustion…You are not the only one!

Stress effects everyone. While the body is capable of handling short term bouts of stress, ongoing stress, and traumatic events can cause PTSD and many chronic diseases. It is no secret that chronic stress plays a role in many of the common health problems we are seeing today.  Increasing time pressures, financial strain, trying to maintain good relationships and less time for self, are leading to overwhelming stress and breakdown. The breakdown is not just the type where people quickly lose their tempers and suffer from nervous exhaustion; it is also the hidden, internal breakdown that is a causative factor in many of today’s common health

Stress in itself is not a problem, and in fact for many of us it can help us to be more creative, focused, and work more efficiently. The problem arises when stress becomes
overwhelming and chronic. The acute stress response is a fast acting mechanism that mobilizes our defenses to keep us out of harms way. This is known as the “fight or
flight” response and is initiated by the release of epinephrine (adrenalin). When stress persists, cortisol becomes the main hormone released to help us adapt to stress. Cortisol causes fat to be stored around the abdomen, muscle breakdown from the limbs, sugar cravings, insulin resistance, lowered immunity and an increase in cholesterol. All of these symptoms are associated with long-term health problems such as diabetes and heart disease.

Eventually the adrenal glands ‘burn-out’ and lose their ability to effectively respond to stress. This is called Adrenal Fatigue and it leaves people feeling exhausted,
unmotivated, and susceptible to colds and flues. Most of us will experience prolonged periods of stress, but we can reduce the negative impacts by knowing how to support and protect ourselves.

If you are lost, need extra help, feeling depressed or anxious Dr. Waller N.D. can help you get back on the road to emotional health and wellness.




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Depression Advising and Consultation | The Coliseum
Depression Advising and Consultation | The Coliseum