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Sunless Spray Tanning



Sunless Spray Tanning is the healthy alternative to aging sunbathing or harmful UV sun beds. This unique skin care system combines a variety of innovations to transform your skin in just minutes. Bronze, hydrate and smooth lines with our 3 stage flawless system.

$35 1 Session
$250 10 Sessions

Can I swim, shower, and workout with my sunless tan?

Of course! But be sure to wait at least 4 hours to allow the formula to react with your skin's amino acids and proteins. In fact, the longer you allow the solution to remain on your skin, the longer lasting your tan will be. Finally, swimming in highly chlorinated water will significantly reduce your results.

Will the Bronzing Formula stain my hair or clothing?

The VersaSpa Sunless Bronzing formula is completely water soluble. Users may notice some initial cosmetic color on the inside of their clothing, but this color will wash out in cold water.

Is it safe?

The FDA has approved DHA as a topical application and recommends that users should avoid inhaling or ingesting DHA. As a result, VersaSpa emits the least amount of solution necessary to achieve a full body tan, thus decreasing the amount of inhalable mist for a more pleasant experience.

Our customers are encouraged to use protective measures (provided) to eliminate ingestion such as: protective eyewear, nose plugs, sealing lips with lip balm; and the use of disposable undergarments.