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Traditional Massage

Lunch Break Siesta 30 Minute Massage

The perfect break for a busy day. Our Lunch Break Siesta with get you refreshed and inspire you to continue your day with a bang.


Rejuvenation Relaxation 60 Minute Massage

The power of touch has miraculous effects.  Massage has the power to relax, heal, and help release emotions and tension without the aid of conventional medicine. Massage creates a feeling of well being while reducing anxiety. It creates awareness of body-mind connection, enhances a sense of harmony, and increases energy flow at all levels.


Rebirth 90 Minute Massage

Reset your body, soul and mind and awaken 



Back Exfoliation Massage


Includes a 20 Minute Massage.

Gentle micro-current exfoliation removes dead cells and oxygenates the tissue.  A deep cleansing peel & exfoliation, followed with a light back, neck & shoulder massage renewing your skin with vitamins and nutrients.



Relax, heal, and help release emotions and tension